MDD510 RF Modulator – Scart In – RF Out

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MDD510 RF Modulator – Scart In – RF Out
by Labgear
Date first available at 21 May 2010

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Technical Details
– Converts Scart and Composite Video signals into RF
– Used to connect TVs without a Scart socket to a Freeview Box, DVD Player or other Scart equipment
– Used to convert a signal to RF before distributing it around a building using coaxial cable
– Used in CCTV installations
– Comes with compositie to Scart adpater, coaxial RF (aerial) lead and instructions

Product Description
Suppose you have an old TV without Scart or phono connections. You can watch TV on it but that’s about all. You can’t use a games console, a set top box, a camcorder etc. Now you can. The Labgear MDD510 RF Modulator has a socket on the front for Scart and comes with a free 3 Phono to Scart adapter, so you can use a device with phono outputs too (such as a camcorder). The Labgear MDD510 RF Modulator also has two RF aerial sockets on the back (one in and one out). It takes the signal from the front Scart socket and outputs it through the rear RF aerial socket. So now your TV can see Scart and Phono devices. Accepts composite video input through Scart.

Other uses include: Watch “Free to Air” digital TV on a TV without a spare Scart or phono connection. You could also use the Labgear MDD510 RF Modulator to distribute the signal from any AV device (satellite box, VCR, DVD Player etc.) to all the TVs in your home – using coaxial cable.

The Labgear MDD510 RF Modulator is easy to set up. It simply plugs into the TV’s existing coax/RF socket. There’s an channel up and down switch on the from of the MDD510 which allows the AV signal to be viewed on TV channels that you choose covering TV channels 21 to 69. This means that the output (whatever the source) can be viewed on TVs without a spare Scart or Phono socket or without any such socket at all.