Looxcie Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder System with White Camera

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Looxcie Wearable

Looxcie Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder System with White Camera Boom, Power Supply, Micro USB Cable, Ear Buds (Black)
by Looxcie
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Product Description
Looxcie is the first small, light, easy-to-wear camcorder system that videos everything the user sees. Optimized for mobile use, the device fits comfortably over the ear and points where you look. Looxcie is always on, always videoing-there’s no record button. When users want to capture a moment, they can simply press the instant clip button to save a clip of the last thirty seconds. With the smartphone application and Bluetooth connection, users can view, edit, and share Looxcie moments via email, text, or online by posting to Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and more. Getting started is simple and only takes a few minutes:. Connect Looxcie to your smartphone as you would a Bluetooth headset. Load the smartphone application in order to use your phone to view and share Looxcie moments. Turn on the camera and start capturing Looxcie moments instantly. Share your Looxcie moments, edit and take phone calls, too Looxcie utilizes a dual processor system for video and Bluetooth communication. The device incorporates Bluetooth technology which allows for the fluid connection between the handset and Looxcie. Looxcie seamlessly transfers video clips directly to leading smartphone operating systems. Additional Product Features & Specs:. Adjustable boom for comfort and view refinement. Lightweight: less than 28g (1 oz.). Always on battery life allows up to 4 hrs of continuous use. Clips are time stamped and stored in your clip register as MP4 files. On board storage of up to 4 hrs of video and hundreds of instant clips (3 hrs of clips). Looxcie video processor includes automatic high color and light resolution adaptation. ½ VGA full resolution camera.