IOGEAR’s Wireless Audio / Video Kit

Wireless Audio and Video

IOGEAR’s Wireless Audio / Video Kit is an innovative solution in delivering High Definition multimedia content stored on your computer to your home entertainment center. With the utilization of the latest Wireless USB and Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, the wireless multimedia streaming is now more stable and more resistant to interferences and capable of lossless delivery in your home and office. The kit eliminates the cable clutter and enables you to enjoy your favorite movies, video clips, and music files streaming from your computer to the TV or stereo system wirelessly with no latency.

Connect Your PC to TV Wirelessly

The revolutionary Wireless Audio / Video Kit is a user friendly and all-in-one solution in bringing wireless digital lifestyle to life. Traditional methods of connecting the PC to the TV required invasive wiring and excess cabling. IOGEAR’s Wireless Audio / Video Kit offers professional installers and consumers a “cordless” solution in closing the gap between the PC and the TV. The kit consists of three adapters: audio for speaker connectivity, VGA for a TV and Wireless USB for the hosting PC. With few easy steps, users can eliminate cables and relocate the PC to make it an integral part of their media center. Users can easily browse Internet, watch online video, or edit spreadsheets on the flat-panel TV. The Wireless Audio / Video Kit also lets users stream music and multimedia content wirelessly in-room from the PC to the home entertainment system up to 30 feet. The need of integrating a PC into the living room can now be easily fulfilled.

This product does NOT connect with any other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cordless phones nor wireless control systems. The product is currently only available in the US market due to the Wireless regulations.

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