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Audio Video Distribution Amplifier RCA Video Splitter Video Composite Signal Amp 1 Input to 4 Outputs Uninex Vs-23
by Uninex

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Technical Details
– 1 RCA input to 4 RCA outputs
– Amplfies both audio and video
– Power source 110 volts
– Makes dubbing audio and video very easy
– RCA composite audio and video inputs and outputs

Product Description
The VS-23 Audio Video Distribution Amplifier is designed to connect up to 4 TVs, DVRs or VCRs to the RCA audio video output of a
DVR, DVD output or any device that has RCA audio video outputs. This unit makes dubbing a snap.

This A/V Distribution Amplifier is great for multi-VCR or camcorder to VCR dubbing projects. The amplifier splits the audio and video
output of your DVD or any audio video source without signal loss. The color coded jacks make connections very easy

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