ASUS RT-N16 Multifunctional N Gigabit Wireless Router –

Wireless N Surfing, Scanning, and Printing All with One Router
ASUS RT-N16 provides users with high performance wireless N connectivity, lightning fast Gigabit Ethernet, and incredible versatility. Whether you choose to use is as a print server, BitTorrent hub, FTP storage, ultra-fast Wireless N router, or all of the above at the same time, it’s an all-in-one router you’ll wonder how you used to manage without it.

Right out of the box, the RT-N16 gets you up and running in only five clicks through its simple 3-step CD-free installation. And thanks to its streamlined EZ Quality of Service (EZQoS), you can effortlessly optimize bandwidth for gaming, video calls, downloading or whatever else you choose. Download Master is a BitTorrent client that shifts download duties from the PC directly to the router-attached storage via the two onboard USB ports. This allows you to download and share files wherever you have Internet access without going through a PC. For even more convenience,  ASUS AiDisk transforms a connected USB device into an FTP server for remote transfers. Plugging in a USB All-in-One printer, you can share both printer and scanner functions between all networked PCs.

The ASUS RT-N16 also features 300Mbps throughput on a 2.4GHz wireless band, four standard 10/100/1000 LAN Ethernet ports, and one inbound Ethernet port.

Key Features

Sleek wireless N (300Mbps) router delivers up to 14x faster speeds and 6x farther range than 802.11g routers1 (Learn more)
Gigabit Ethernet for high performance LAN networking
EZ User Interface (EZ UI) with a simple 3-step setup gets you up and running within minutes(Learn more)
EZ Quality of Service (EZQoS) Bandwidth Management gives you a simple way to optimize Internet speeds for gaming, browsing, file sharing, and VoIP/ media streaming (Learn more)
Built-in printer server for sharing All-in-One USB printers within your home or office (Learn more)
EZ Switch lets you quickly enable router, repeater, or AP modes directly with a flip of a switch
AiDisk is your personal FTP server that you can access anywhere you have the Internet (Learn more)
Download Master lets you download from the Bit Torrent site to the connected USB storage device directly thru the router without having to leave your PC on (Learn more)

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Faster Transfers. Wider Coverage.

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Experience up to 14x faster Internet and up to 6x wider connection ranges compared to previous generation wireless G routers with the ASUS RT-N16 wireless N router.1 Whether you’re streaming HD video or video chatting with a friend, wireless N connectivity lets you do more faster. And where other routers fail to connect when placed far away, the RT-N16 router gives you the wireless freedom to roam even further and enjoy high-speed networking nearly anywhere in your home or office. Get bandwidth on demand with EZ Quality of Service (EZQoS) to dynamically set Internet speed priority for browsing, online games, Internet applications (such as Bit Torrent), and voice/video streaming. The EZQoS is simplified for ease of use – just click on the image you want to set and it adjusts instantly.

Easy, Quick Setup in a User-Friendly Interface

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The RT-N16 features EZ UI, a simplified user interface for quick setup, access to Internet-enhancing utilities, and a helpful troubleshoot guide that users at all levels will appreciate.

Quick 3-Step Internet Setup

The moment you connect the RT-N16 you will automatically be guided through an easy 3-step, manual-free setup.

1. Plug the router in your network and wall socket
2. Complete the installation wizard
3. Open your favorite browser and start surfing

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