5BARz Road Warrior – Cellular Extender all Carriers, all

The 5BARz Road Warrior is CelLynx’s first product to receive FCC (Federal Communication Commission’s) certification for commercial purposes and was recently awarded the International Consumer Electronics Show Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering award for its contribution as the industry’s first consumer-friendly portable plug ‘n play cell phone signal booster. The Road Warrior’s ability to deliver full signal strength at twenty times the speed of regular Internet makes it the most reliable device in its class.

Because network coverage offered by service providers is not always stable, dropped calls, undelivered text messages, and loss of Internet connectivity are major problems that could ultimately lead to loss of business when clients are involved. The Road Warrior will keep you connected to clients, family, and friends.

The 5BARz Road Warrior is the first cell phone signal booster that can be powered by plugging into a car or a wall socket. It is a universal mobile phone signal booster compatible with all carriers and devices. Absence of external antennas, long cables and any programming makes this equipment easy to use and handle. This signal booster also enables users to enjoy fast Internet speeds and outstanding quality of voice calls.

The Road Warrior is a plug ‘n play device, requiring no installation and its mobility allows for use in your vehicle, at home, in the office, and elsewhere. It is compatible with cell phones, PDAs, and data laptops, making it a universally accepted device with personal and commercial applications. The Road Warrior cell phone network booster works with all nationally advertised cell phone coverage …

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